DSA PTSA Mini-Grant Program

The goal of the DSA PTSA Mini-Grant Program is to fund educational and enrichment opportunities for DSA students, teachers, majors and clubs.

The DSA PTSA has awarded the 2022-2023 Mini-Grant Program and it is now closed for the school year.

The purpose of the Mini-Grant Program is to provide modest amounts of funding for teachers, students, majors and clubs. The DSA PTSA specifically funds educational and enrichment opportunities at DSA. The DSA PTSA is committed to a streamlined process that reduces administrative burden (short application/quick review process) and limits competition (only teachers, students, majors and clubs are eligible to apply). This increases your chance of being funded!

Here are some examples of what the Mini-Grant Program could fund:

  • Field trip costs (admission fees or other costs, not including transportation costs)
  • Speaker fees for a classroom or an assembly
  • Expenses associated to trips organized by DSA (New York, Washington DC, international destinations, etc.)
  • Art supplies (funding for set design, art class materials, musical instruments, etc.)
  • School supplies for classroom use (calculators, extra books, etc.)
  • Other expenses that help educate students and enrich their experience at DSA.

Helpful hints and reminders:

  • Requests must directly support educational and/or enrichment opportunities.
  • Grants have historically ranged between $25 and $250 per request. Please keep in mind that grant size is in direct correlation with the number of students reached.
  • When the PTSA has exhausted the funds set aside for this year’s Mini-Grant program, the program ends, so apply early!
  • Only one grant will be awarded per teacher, major, student, club per academic year.
  • Grant requests must be received and approved prior to implementation of potential allocated monies. This means that funds will be distributed only when said grant is approved by the PTSA Officers following both completion of the application and meeting with the PTSA members (See note below.).
  • Activities funded must be completed by the end of the current fiscal year, which ends June 30. All grant requests for summer programming must be submitted by May 15.
  • Funds granted for materials must be used by the end of the current fiscal year, which ends June 30.
  • Applicants are encouraged to bring students when meeting with PTSA officers to enable them to participate in the process (applicants are required to attend).
  • For the grant request to be considered, all portions of the application must be completed.
  • Contact Karen Bamberger, DSA PTSA Treasurer, with any questions treasurer@dsaptsa.org
  • Email completed applications to Karen Bamberger, DSA PTSA Treasurer, treasurer@dsaptsa.org
  • Valid receipts documenting expenses must be provided to the DSA PTSA Board at the completion of the funded activity.
  • The board is obligated to provide members with a listing of grant-funded activities. A Thank You note with pictures documenting the funded activity would be greatly appreciated.

Request for DSA PTSA Mini-Grant Funds

PLEASE NOTE REVIEW PROCESS: Once form is filled out and submitted, the applicant (requesting teacher/major/student/club) must confer with the PTSA Officers to make the funding recommendations and present their grant proposal at the next general meeting for a vote.


Fill out the form below or download the form and email to Karen Bamberger, PTSA Treasurer, treasurer@dsaptsa.org


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    Are you now, or do you plan to pursue other sources of funding and/or awards?


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    If the full amount cannot be granted, are you prepared to receive partial funding?*


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